What is Reggio Emilia?

The Reggio Emilia approach is named after the town in Italy it originated in. This approach honors the unique child and their natural love for learning. At The Den, our qualified guides will listen to your children and develop custom projects that spark their interest and curiosity, enhancing their fervor for life and natural love of learning.

Senses, such as sight, touch and sound, are strongly incorporated into a large and open learning and play space. The children will be surrounded by natural elements and materials that engage their natural curiosity. The approach is child-led in that children express their ideas and guides are flexible to incorporate, inspire and engage. Each project or theme may last a week or two; this keeps children interested and ready to learn more. Nancy Farber, director of Reggio school Cushman Scott, explains that asking the children to help direct the course of learning allows them to feel heard and respected, and encourages their sense of self-worth.

The Reggio Approach is about community and is inspired by your children. Scholastic raves, “Many experts have hailed the Reggio Emilia approach as an exemplary system for helping children develop strong thinking skills. The primary goal of this method is to create learning conditions that help children develop these abilities through exposure to all matter of expressive, communicative, and cognitive experiences.” There are four guiding principles work together to meet this objective:

  • Emergent Curriculum
  • In-depth Projects, aka Adventures
  • Representational Development
  • Collaboration

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