Find Your Community, Build Your Village, Rediscover Yourself

The Den is a company founded by women who believe society has done families a disservice. Who believe that together we can overcome the isolation of parenthood and the parenthood penalty imposed by society. We are a community oriented coworking space with enriching play studios. We believe in creating a space where parents can show up as their authentic selves, thrive and grow their businesses, and connect within a supportive community.

We bring “take your child to work” to a whole new level, with enriching play studios and an environment conducive to family bonding.

Our Mission:

To positively impact communities by empowering parents to pursue careers as their authentic, creative, and confident selves, while providing an enriching environment for their children with play studios; the creation of a village and a continuous focus on individual and familial wellness.


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Your Founders:


Mariah’s passion for The Den began when she experienced the “motherhood penalty”. Slotted for promotion and unduly denied, she determined, a society where women couldn’t be mothers and career oriented at the same time, was unacceptable. 

Parents, predominantly moms, should not have to choose between their careers and being a parent. The pandemic exacerbated the isolation that often accompanies motherhood and decreased the number of women in the workforce. I believe The Den will not only empower mothers to invest in their wellness and follow their career aspirations but also allow them to find support and build their village.

Mariah is married and has two children and five fur babies. She’s an avid reader who enjoys decluttering and doing yoga with her littles. 

Jen has been a business owner and entrepreneur since 2012. Her greatest challenge has been finding a work-life balance and she believes The Den is the answer to that.

“Parents who are self-employed face a unique challenge beyond those of the average entrepreneur. I look forward to seeing the impact The Den will have on our community, when parents “level up” onto the same playing field with the support they so desperately need.”

Jen is married with three children left in home and three others who’ve departed onto their own adventures. She enjoys hiking Colorado’s amazing 14ers, camping with her family, and meeting new friends!